The Lead Change Project

Community Engagement

A primary goal of The Lead Change Project is to develop student-athletes who are also good citizens. In doing so, each member of every interscholastic team will be required to participate in three community service projects during their season. By pushing our student-athletes to give back to the community, The Lead Change Project anticipates (1) a greater appreciation for the potential of our student-athletes from our community and corporate stakeholders, (2) an increase in the level of productive and positive exposure our student-athletes receive, and (3) most importantly, a better appreciation for life and respect for community by the students themselves.

Professional Development

Our coaches and directors are some of the most influential role models many of our young people interact with. That said, it is vitally important to ensure that our ‘influencers’ are adequately trained & equipped to serve as effective mentors for our young people.

The Lead Change Project (LCP) provides ongoing and consistent professional development opportunities for all of the coaches and administrators who are involved in The LCP.


The Lead Change Project provides a myriad of off-season internships for our students. The LCP internship program is designed to

  • Provide professional development opportunities for our young people to supplement their social growth and enhance The LCP experience.
  • Offer additional after-school programming of interest for students in their off-seasons.
  • Provide practical experience (OJT) for our students exploring future professional interests.

Academic Support

The Lead Change Project has established partnerships with surrounding Colleges and Universities constituting an internship exchange program whereby college students serve as – amongst other things – academic advisors to support our student athlete academic success.

Summer and Travel Programs

Summer & Travel Programs include

  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Volleyball
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